Connect. Grow. Build.  Earn.

Message from the CEO

SUMMIT WEST FINANCIAL was founded on a desire to help provide a platform for career growth, leadership and profitability.

We pride ourselves in delivering a modern, straight forward approach to doing business. We deliver multi-solution insurance products that are definitely not your grandfather's insurance. We provide and educate clients with a solution to their "life happens" problems, giving them peace of mind that comes from being prepared for whatever life may bring.

I believe that a product is central to marketing and selling, as well as central to client's experience. Thus, providing you with modern and unique suite of products, already gets half the job done when it comes to selling, coupled with practical skills and techniques training that you don't get anywhere else, are the defining factors to our success.

Leadership is an honor, a privilege and a deep obligation. I am driven and motivated each day as I see more dedicated individuals join our team. Together we will be shakers and movers of this industry and ultimately make a difference.

Change is coming, that much is certain. One thing is not changing - our commitment to providing our partner agents with a corporate culture of best work practices. We want to make you happy, engaged and more productive.

As you consider a career with us, let me help you, help you. Chances are, I have walked in your shoes and have been right where you are today.

The point is that I did it, and now, I want to help others become just as successful.

Summit West Financial provides the tools, support and leadership. You have to provide the commitment, attitude work ethic, and a desire to change your life. Today, you have the opportunity of a lifetime. I am reminded on how I got here and what it takes to accomplish a goal. The single most important element of my success is that God blessed me and gave me the ability to overcome my fears in order to begin my financial success.

As the CEO and President of Summit West Financial, I have made a commitment to lead this company with honesty and integrity. I want to help take care of your family as if they were my own. I understand that our continued growth and success depends on the success of our agents and our commitment to our clients.

CONNECT, GROW, BUILD and EARN with us today!

All the best,

William Chan