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If you had the opportunity to add a profit center for all the

same reasons you offer life policy review, would you?



What's happening in the insurance market today is amazing. More and more people are moving from employer-provided coverage into the individual market, which means they must now make important decisions about their insurance coverage on their own.

Because so many more families need help choosing the coverage that's right for them, the opportunity to partner with Summit West Financial to build a business in your local community that is your own is second to none.

We offer an integrity-based culture for highly motivated, success-driven people. Our structure supports and rewards high agent productivity, and we will provide you with all the training, tools, technology and assistance you need to build your business and control your financial future.

As an agent with Summit West Financial, you can earn respect in the communities you serve by expertly assisting your clients as they make important insurance choices, while also achieving personal satisfaction and financial security with lasting value from the business you build.

When shopping for insurance, clients want an affordable, multi-solution product that is second to none. As an agent with Summit West Financial, you have access to leading, recognized, and considered as one of the largest insurance carriers in the industry that will help you meet more of the client's needs today. And as those needs change over time, it allows you to build a business that provides long-term value to you.

What's more exiting is that, with Summit West Financial, you have access to an added unique source of income for you.

The re-enactment of the Pension Protection Act dramatically increases the benefits available to owners and top executives. If your client's plan has not been reviewed recently, you owe it your client to have this done. There is NO COST for the review.

WHY Retirement Plan Review?

   Good for the client

      Value Added Service

         Access Existing Clients

             No Series License Needed

                  No Split Commission

Agents are, and will continue to be, the source of consumers for knowledge and insight about insurance and now, pensions.

Are you ready to maximize your efforts and rise to new challenges in exchange for greater independence, more personal satisfaction and better financial rewards?

Then you are ready to enjoy a career as an agent with Summit West Financial.

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